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Starting from: Hile
Ending at: Pangum- Lukla or Phakdhing
Most Attraction of the trek:
This comparatively easy trek offers excellent views of Everest, Makalu and other peaks, the handmade paper factory and great Tungba!

The Salpa Pass trail links the Khumbu (Everest) region with the unique ecosystem of the Arun Valley. This trek begins in Tumlingtar and follows the Arun River until we turn into the Irkhu Khola valley which is renowned for its natural paper products. This valley takes us to the Salpa Pass and the holy lake Salpa Pokhari. Friendly villagers and beautiful waterfalls bring us to the second pass of the trek - the Surkie La. This area is renowned for its Tungba - a Sherpa alcoholic drink, and is the entry to the Makalu-Barun National Park. Spectacular views of Mera Peak, Everest, Makalu, Cho-Oyu and many others in the Khumbu region are spread before you. We then descend to Lukla to return to Kathmandu.

Days 16 Season Spring
Walking 0 Difficulty Easy

Day 01 Arrive at Kathmandu
Day 02 Kathmandu
Day 03 Kathmandu- Hile
Day 04 Hile- Mongmaya
Day 05 Mongmaya- Domkot
Day 06 Domkot- Tumlintar
Day 07 Tumlintar- Chymbesi
Day 08 Chymbesi- Dhubidenda
Day 09 Dubidenda- Phedi
Day 10 Phedi- Jaubari-Via the Salpa pass
Day 11 Jubari- Sanam
Day 12 Sanam- Bung
Day 13 Bung- Najing
Day 14 Najing - Pangum
Day 15 Pangum- Pangum
Day 16 Pangum- Lukla or Phakdhing

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