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Starting from: Barabise
Ending at: Moderate
Most Attraction of the trek:
Off touristy trekking route and authentic Nepalis life style. Newly embarked by Mountain Club.

Buried between steep ice giants, the Rolwaling Valley is reputed to be the home of the infamous Yeti. We approach the valley through the charming terraced foothills of Tamang and Chetri villages. Once beneath the  sacred Gauri Shankar we climb through primeval forests to the Tsho Rolpa Lake. The northern flank of Pachermo, which rises above us, provides the route over the Tashi Labtsa (5755m) into the Everest region.

Unspoilt mountain scenery, one of Nepal’s highest passes, spectacular views of Cho-Oyu, Everest, Nuptse and Makalu.

Rolwaling Valley is the east-west valley below Mt. Gaurishankar (7145m) and just south from the Tibetan boarder. This is totally isolated and culturally diverse area. This is a restricted area but trekking trip can be taken to the area obtaining a climbing permit for one of the trekking peak of this area such as for Ramdung peak. The area is just south from the Tibetan boarder so it is more like Tibetan culture are here. The area contain of cultural and isolated village, glacier lakes and so on.

Days 16 Season Spring
Walking 0 Difficulty Easy

Day 01 Arrive at Kathamandu
Height: 1300m
Transfer to Hotel.

Day 02 Kathamandu
Duration: 4 hrs
Height: 1300m
Half day sightseeing around Kathamandu.

Day 03 Kathamandu – Barhabise
Duration: 6 hrs drive
Height: 820m

Day 04 Barhabise – Devisthan.
Duration: 6hrs
Height: 1800m

Day 05 Devisthan – Ki Dorje
Duration 6 hrs
Height: 3000m

Day 06 Ki Dorje – Bigu Goampa
Duration: 6hrs
Height: 2500m

Day 07 Bigu Goampa – Laduk Phedi
Duration: 6hrs
Height: 1200m

Day 08 Laduk Phedi – Gurumphi
Duration: 6hrs
Height: 1300m

Day 09 Gurumphi – Hulak
Duration: 6 hrs
Height: 2500m

Day 10 Hulak – Goyang Danda
Duration: 6hrs
Height: 3400m

Day 11 Goyang Danda
Duration: all day
Height: 3400m
Rest day

Day 12 Goyang Danda – Baramji
Duration: 4hrs
Height: 3900m

Day 13 Baramji – Patibara La
Duration: 6hrs
Height: 3600m

Day 14 Patibara La – Cherdung
Duration: 5hrs
Height: 3800m

Day 15 Cherdung – Jiri
Duration: 7hrs
Height: 1950m

Day 16 Jiri – Kathmandu.
Duration: 10hrs
Height: 1300m

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