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Royal Chitwan National Park
Area: 932
Park Established: 1973
Just a twenty-five minute flight or five hour drive from kathmandu or Pokhara, plus and extremely exciting white water rafting ride and you will find yourself in the most enchanting subtropical jungle - Royal Chitwan national Park. One of the remaining such jungles of the world and one of the remaining such jungles of the world and one of the best national parks of Asia. In it you will discover the lost world pf prehistoric rhinoceros, magnificent royal bengle tiger, towering trees and twisting vines with dream-like Tharu tribal villages at its fringes.

It contains slightly more tan 500 one-horned rhinoceros, approximately 90 royal bengle tigers, leopards, sloth bears, wild bison, striped hyena, gangetic dolphin, an estimated 47 species of reptiles, 126 of fish in the park. It is also the habitat of the near extinct gharials (crocodile). There are about 90 species of aquatic life including marsh magar (crocodile). The world her is wild and enchanting, where even now you can feel the spirit of the time of great explorers. The 932 sq. km. park also holds a place as a world heritage site.

Jungle Safari Activities

Elephant Back Safari
Travel through open grassland and dense forest on elephant back in search of rare games. Be on the lookout for the great one horned rhino, four species of deer, wild boar sloth bear, leopard, bison and the big one royal Bengal tiger.

A typical hand-made dugout canoe will take you for a ride on the great Rapti River where you can see gharials and marsh mugger crocodiles basking in the sun and can enjoy watching the many colorful birds.

Jungle Drive
you can taste the wild world on the 4 wheel drive, deep into the heart of the park for viewing some of the rare species of flora & fauna.

Jungle Walk
You can enjoy a natural walk in the jungle in safety accompanied by our well-trained naturalist who will interpret the hidden secrets of the land as you walk through ancient groves or perch in a strategically located watch tower (Machan) to observe animals grazing, drinking at ponds, or resting in the bushes.

Bird watching
Bird lovers will have a wonderful opportunity to see many species of birds in the early morning as the new day dawns.

Buffer zone village tour
Experience the uniquely culture of the Tharu people. Relish what their culture is like in the Tharu village museum in the heart of Sauraha near the resort, For Centuries, the Tharu have lived very close to the protected area and hence their tradition reflects their intimate relationship with the nature world. Visit the Tharu village and share their world with them as you reach out to touch another culture.

Elephant breeding Center
Of all the animals, elephants are the most graceful. Our naturalist will take you to the Hatisar to demonstrate how elephant's meals are prepared and how day eat in the elephant Breeding center. They will explain the nature and habits of elephant.

Swimming & Elephant Bathing
The Clear water of Rapti River tempts you to swim in sunny days either before lunch or after lunch or just relax beside the serene river and watch the graceful elephants raking a bath.

Folk Dance
After Dinner our friendly trained naturalist and jungle guide are there to make you feel at home and tell you jungle stories. This follows a breathtaking Tharu stick dance (a culture program performed by the ethnic group of Chitwan).

OX-Card ride
For those who love old ethic traditional way of transport, we have an ox-cart that will give you an experience of the unique mode of transport while riding on the old dirt road near by Tharu village.

Visit to observation town
Be clam and quiet on the 35 feet high wooden tower built on the prime location of the park. Which offers unique chance to see the movement of the animals in wilderness.

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